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EN[mɑːk] [mɑɹk] [-ɑː(ɹ)k]
斑点, 记号 标明 Mark
  • MARK 可以是下列意思:
  • 馬可福音
  • 若望·馬爾谷
  • 馬克一號
  • 馬克 (古幣),古代歐洲的貨幣計量單位
  • 段宜恩,Mark Tuan,韓國男子組合GOT7成員
  • 马克 菲海利 westlife的主唱
FR mark

    Definition of mark in English Dictionary

  • 名词 (Noun)PLmarks
    1. (heading) Boundary, land within a boundary.
      1. I do remember a great thron in Yatton field near Bristow-way, against which Sir William Waller's men made a great fire and killed it. I think the stump remains, and was a mark for travellers.
      2. There dwells Théoden son of Thengel, King of the Mark of Rohan.
    2. (heading) Characteristic, sign, visible impression.
      1. depend upon it, you will speedily receive from me a letter of thanks for this as well as for every other mark of your regard during my stay in Hertfordshire.
      2. A good sense of manners is the mark of a true gentleman.
      3. Then she put before her face her poor crushed hands, which bore on their whiteness the red mark of the Count's terrible grip  [ …] .
      4. Doubt not of thine election, it is an immutable decree; a mark never to be defaced: you have been otherwise, you may and shall be.
      5. The font wasn't able to render all the diacritical marks properly.
      6. With eggs, you need to check for the quality mark before you buy.
      7. Which mankynde is so fair part of thy werk / That thou it madest lyk to thyn owene merk.
      8. Presenting [ …] my patented travelator, mark two.
      9. What mark did you get in your history test?
    3. (heading) Indicator of position, objective etc.
      1. A skilfull archer ought first to know the marke he aimeth at, and then apply his hand, his bow, his string, his arrow and his motion accordingly.
      2. I filled the bottle up to the 500ml mark.
      3. A mark saies my Lady. Let the mark haue a prick in't, to meate at, if it may be.
      4. A mark for tardiness or for absence is considered by most pupils a disgrace, and strenuous efforts are made to avoid such a mark.
      5. Now put the pastry in at 450 degrees, or mark 8.
      6. to be within the mark;  to come up to the mark
      7. In the official marks invested, you / Anon do meet the Senate.
      8. patricians of mark;  a fellow of no mark
    4. (heading) Attention.
      1. His last comment is particularly worthy of mark.
      2. in the short story of western flavor he was a pioneer of mark, the founder of a genre: probably no other writer is so significant in his field.
      3. as much in mock as mark
    5. A measure of weight (especially for gold and silver), once used throughout Europe, equivalent to 8 oz.
      1. (now historical) An English and Scottish unit of currency (originally valued at one mark weight of silver), equivalent to 13 shillings and fourpence.
        1. Any of various European monetary units, especially the base unit of currency of Germany between 1948 and 2002, equal to 100 pfennigs.
          1. A mark coin.
          2. 动词 (Verb)SGmarksPRmarkingPT, PPmarked
            1. To put a mark upon; to make recognizable by a mark.
              1. to mark a box or bale of merchandise
              2. to mark clothing with one's name
            2. To indicate in some way for later reference.
              1. She folded over the corner of the page to mark where she left off reading. ‎
              2. This monument marks the spot where Wolfe died.
              3. His courage and energy marked him as a leader.
            3. To take note of.
              1. Mark my words: that boy's up to no good. ‎
            4. To blemish, scratch, or stain.
              1. See where this pencil has marked the paper.
            5. To indicate the correctness of and give a score to an essay, exam answers, etc.
              1. The teacher had to spend her weekend marking all the tests. ‎
            6. To keep account of; to enumerate and register.
              1. to mark the points in a game of billiards or a card game
            7. (Australian Rules football) To catch the ball directly from a kick of 15 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick.
              1. (sports) To follow a player not in possession of the ball when defending, to prevent them receiving a pass easily.
                1. (golf) To put a marker in the place of one's ball.
                  1. (singing) To sing softly, and perhaps an octave lower than usual, in order to protect one's voice during a rehearsal.
                    1. (imperative, marching) Alternative form of march (said to be easier to pronounce while giving a command).
                      1. Mark time, mark!
                      2. Forward, mark!
                  2. 更多范例
                    1. 用于句中
                      • He would start with a stenciled acrylic underpainting and finish by making marks with the chalk and charcoal shells.
                      • After the laughter that was directed at him after his first tissy-fit, Mark started to tissy for a whole new reason.
                      • She depicts the mixture of terror and sang-froid as people stay riveted to the TV, watching superplague mark its serpentine course across the map even as they go about their own business.
                    2. 用于句首
                      • Mark bought a packet of condoms so that he could have a posh wank.
                      • Mark threw a huge tissy when he came in today and saw the mess that was made of his magazines.
                      • Mark stayed up until 2 a.m. dissertating last night. ‎
                    3. 用于句尾
                      • It really ticks me off when people don't use proper punctuation marks.
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                      2. en marked
                      3. en market
                      4. en marks
                      5. fr marks
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