borne 范例

EN[bɔːn] [bɔɹn] [bo(ː)ɹn] [boən] [-ɔː(ɹ)n]
承担、忍受 (bear的过去分词) 博尔内

    Examples of borne in a Sentence

  • 例句 bear
    1. The owners of Sloppy Joe's in Havana, too, may bear some responsibility for the fruitification of the drink.
    2. If you face a little larger, or positive, edge, open-hand the hold, as it lets more of the skeletal system of the hand bear the brunt.
    3. Pharmacological approaches often bear the burden of unselectivity.
    4. As Cooper pointed out, among the foremost of the nineteenth-century Gros Ventre character ideals were "strongheartedness" and the ability to "bear and forgo."
  • 例句 bore
    1. to bore one's way through a crowd
    2. This timber does not bore well.
    3. Unfortunately, poor areas such as those in New Orleans bore the brunt of Hurricane Katrina's winds.
    4. That bore thee at a burden two fair sons
    5. His championship of civil rights eventually bore fruit.
    6. A youth, that, following with a costrel, bore / The means of goodly welcome, flesh and wine. — Tennyson.
    7. His steadfast cultivation of their relationship finally bore fruit.
    8. His long nights in the office eventually bore fruit when his business boomed and he was given a raise.
    9. As a primary architect of the draft Constitution that emerged from Philadelphia in 1787, Madison substantially bore the burden of defending his handiwork in his home state.
    10. The losing side bore no ill will toward the winners.
  • 例句 bare
    1. This porno's bare whack, bruv.
    2. He finally came back to himself and asked why the furor. "Why," Lucy said, "because this is Christmas Eve. We have bare enough time to get ready for the ball, after dinner, as it is."
    3. Meals on early space flights were bare-bones affairs; able to supply nutrition, but severely lacking in palatability.
    4. Emil bought a bare-bones rig and a new CPU at the computer show, then popped in his old hard drive.
    5. AbderRahim Hakmoun, dressed in an orange tunic and a bejeweled, fezlike hat, spun its tassel like a helicopter propeller, smacking his bare feet on the stage in a complex pattern.
    6. 2007, Natasha Friend, Bounce, page 143 : In her flowy skirt, with her flowy hair, bare feet, and still the single eyebrow, she reads a poem that sounds like it came straight from English class.
    7. Practically, in many cases, authority or legific competence has begun in bare power. — J. Grote.
    8. Meanwhile, Ann Bartek's semiabstract set--a mostly bare marblelike playing area decorated with straight and jagged stripes suggesting telephone wires--reminds us that this is a story steeped in a world-changing technological revolution.
    9. BARR (Tonight and tomorrow night) Over bare stutters of piano and drums, Brendan Fowler of Barr lets loose an endlessly self-regarding logorrhea, questioning his every thought and instinct in a naked, paratactic melancholy.
    10. Her arms bare, her manner proclamatory, she descended Federal Hall’s steps and struckagain and again — a large gong.
  • 例句 born
    1. I presently wished, would that I had been in their clothes! would that I had been born Peter! would that I had been born John!
    2. I am Scottish-born.
    3. I am Texas-born.
    4. She is my firstborn child.
    5. He was a low-born rascal.
    6. You were born in the '70s? Were you named after Lisa on As the World Turns?
    7. Review of the family history revealed that the proband was the third child born to nonconsanguineous parents, a 32-year-old father and a 27-year-old mother.
    8. Conceived in that journey, I was born in space. A child so birthed in desolations, homeless between yestermorrow and noon's midnight must have a proper name.
    9. The classical panoply of gods and demigodssatyrs and centaurs and even one girl who, quite properly and unpuritanically, was sired by Zeus and born to a television starlet — were all made new.
    10. Kitty White was born in the suburbs of London in 1974 after creator Yuko Shimizu, who worked for Sanrio, decided to capitalise on the vogueishness of foreign lands in Japan at the time.
  • 例句 bears
    1. It bears no real resemblance to that attitude of negativity and jaded scornfulness that sees the worst of intentions behind the apparent good motives of others.
    2. Which is the boaster, the strutter, the bedizener of his sinful carcase with feathers and beads, fox-tails and bears' claws,--the brave, or his poor little squaw?
    3. Only that part of the floor timber that bears on the planking and keel need be templated; [ …]
    4. But the seeds of the whitebark pine, the pine nuts, feed Clark’s nutcracker birds; red squirrels, which store the nuts underground; and grizzly bears.
    5. Wombles are a bit like teddy bears to look at but they have real claws and live underneath Wimbledon Common and devote their lives to ‘tidying up’ all the things those untidy Human Beings leave behind. (E. Beresford, 1968)
    6. Zoophilism bears witness to a new human being, one who no longer fears nature.
    7. That ruling bears on our application.
    8. That ruling bears upon our application.
  • 例句 borne
    1. The same tyme was Moses borne, and was a propper [transl. ἀστεῖος ‎(asteîos )] childe in the sight of God, which was norisshed up in his fathers housse thre monethes.
    2. The Hotel Carter is one of the last cheap places to stay in Times Square, a reputation borne out by its waterstained carpets, peeling walls and healthy occupancy rates.
    3. Alacke the time that ever I was borne, / To be partaker of this destinie. / Alacke the day, alacke and welladay.
    4. Surely, he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows. -Isaiah 53:4
    5. In the nineteenth century, 1811 to be exact, the jeers were unrove after the yard was slung, the weight of the yard being borne by chain slings. The jeers used then were a treble block lashed to the mast head through a hole in the center of the top
    6. No man has been at greater straits than I, and has borne more pinching poverty and hardship; but nobody can say of me that, if I had a guinea, I was not free-handed with it, and did not spend it as well as a lord could do.
    7. For blood vessel-borne metastasis, disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) intravasate into blood vessels and survive in the circulation.
    8. They are characterized by hyaline, ellipsoid, oblong, reniform, allantoid to suballantoid conidia borne on a single locus on monophialidic conidiogenous cells.
  • 例句 bearing
    1. This bearing requires a sleeve so the shaft will fit snugly.
    2. Most commenters linked to their own blogs or Flickr pages, and slideshows of their own homes, each bearing the distinct Domino imprimatur (much throwing of sheepskin, chic-cute tablescapes and Lucite furniture).
    3. Huth headed wide inside two minutes, Andy Wilkinson blasted over from Shotton's cut-back and Jones was squeezed out when bearing down on goal.
    4. I could see the headmaster bearing down on me, and looked hopelessly round for a means of escape.
    5. After several barren years it was good to see the trees bearing fruit.
    6. Many people had looked but it was unusual to see these searches bearing fruit.
    7. Here, we examine the stability of a non-cleavable Amino-PEG6-based linker bearing the monomethyl auristatin D (MMAD) payload site-specifically conjugated at multiple positions on an antibody.
    8. In general, the goethite and hematite responsible for red coloration of rock particles form by combined hydrolysis and oxidation of Fe(II) bearing minerals (e.g. pyrite, marcasite or iron-rich silicates), which afterwards dehydroxylate into hematite [49 ].
    9. I come to this conference bearing neither a new slogan nor a basket full of gifts. But I do not come emptyhanded. I come with the promise of the Government and people of the United States to work with you...
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